Tesla stock performance

In this article, we will discuss stock, which has disrupted the luxury car segment, and the future of cars is going to be decided by this company. The company name is Tesla Inc., which had disrupted the car segment with the launch of electric luxury cars. The CEO is a well-known name in the world and is Elon Musk. It is an American Multinational company and is in the business of manufacturing Electric Cars, Solar panels, Battery energy storage etc.

Tesla Inc Stock performance

Company stock was closed at price of $1.28 per share on 2 July 2010 and now it has closed at price of $216.50 per share on dated 11 October 2022. This means the company has delivered returns of 16814.06% over the period of 12 years only. The mentioned prices are inclusive of all the bonuses and stock splits during that interval. Stock touched a 52-week high of $414.50 per share and has a 52-week low of $206.86 per share i.e. it is trading near its 52 week low and at almost half the 52-week price.

If you could have invested $20000 at a price of $1.28 per share then your investments could have become $3.38 million. That means you could have become a millionaire in just 12 years with an investment of just a few thousand dollars.

As far as dividend is, concerned Tesla has never paid any dividend to its investors. It keeps all the profits with it and invests in the new businesses.

At current price of $216.50 per share, Tesla Market valuations are $67.84 TCr. Company has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, United states. Elon musk remains in the limelight since he became world richest person in the year 2022 when its stock was touching highs. Now Elon Musk is in the limelight after the announcement of getting away from the earlier announced deal for buying out Twitter.

Since the future is very bright for Electric cars, this company will outperform its peers in future as well.




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