Tanla Platforms Ltd. converted 1 lacs to crores

Company Information:-

In this article, we will discuss the penny stock which become multibagger in 8 years only. Name of the stock is Tanla Platforms limited. This company is in the business of cloud communication and is Hyderabad based company. Company founder is D. Uday Kumar Reddy.

Stock performance:-

Tanla Platforms Limited Stock Performance

Company stock was closed at Rs.4.65 per share on dated 3rd January 2014 and now it is trading at Rs.822.95 per share on date 14 October 2022 i.e. stock has given returns of 17691.40% over the period of 8 years. Stock has touched 52 week high of Rs.2096.75 per share and 52 week low of Rs.584.50 per share.

*Above mentioned rates are inclusive of all the stock splits and bonuses issued by the company during that period.

Now at Rs.4.65 per share if you could have invested Rs.1.00 lacs that could be now valued at Rs.1,76,97,849. Means your lacs investments could be converted to crores this is even after recent correction of more than 50%.

Dividend Information:-

The mentioned returns are without any dividends, Now let’s see how much returns could have got in the form of dividends over the period of 8 years:-

Announcement Date Ex-Date Dividend Type Dividend (%) Dividend (Rs.)
04-08-2022 18-08-2022 Interim 600 6
29-04-2022 18-08-2022 Final 200 2
19-05-2021 15-09-2021 Final 100 1
02-09-2020 17-09-2020 Final 100 1
02-05-2019 20-09-2019 Final 35 0.35
18-05-2018 26-09-2018 Final 30 0.3
19-05-2017 07-09-2017 Final 25 0.25
14-03-2016 22-03-2016 Interim 20 0.2
Total 11.1


From above you can see that company has paid dividend of Rs.11.1 per share which means you could have got Rs.2.38 lacs in the form for dividend income. Company is paying dividends at regular intervals which shows company fundamentals are getting improved.

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