Interesting Facts about stock Market

In India, there are two companies, which are operating our stock market i.e. NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock exchange). These provide the services for listing the stocks into their portal and trading can be done at these portals. There are so many interesting facts about Indian Stock exchange, few of them are … Read more

Life Insurance Vs Mutual Funds

There are so many best investment options and everyone comes across so many options available in the market. Where you plan to invest the money and how much is an individual’s choice. With a wide range of financial products at your disposal, selecting a particular product can be a daunting task. The most important part is … Read more

How to get Credit card

The changing market trend means more and more people are using digital money in the form of Credit cards, Debit cards or by UPI. There are many offers given by bankers on using credit cards, which attracts people to get the credit cards to get these benefits. There are certain credits, which are offered by … Read more

Understanding Credit card Bill and what is Credit card

Digital money is what now days becoming part of everyone life, with ease of UPI transaction, Ease of getting credit and debit cards , ease of acceptance by everyone from even vegetable vendor to shopping malls the trend of digital money is attracting everyone. Apart from ease of carrying out transactions, we can make transactions … Read more

Upcoming scenario in Stock Market

After the Russia-Ukraine war, many things have changed and stock markets first crashed to lows within a few days when war started and thereafter in the past 2 months stock markets tried to recover from lows as growth rate is picking up all countries due to shortage of supplies from Russia. Sanctions were imposed on … Read more

Long Term Investment Strategy

  In Previous articles we discussed about Robinhood traders i.e. Intraday Traders and Short term traders. Now in this article we will discuss the long term traders. They will do the following:- Investors not traders:- Long term traders are not called traders in fact they are the investors. They usually invest in the stock market … Read more

Matic Coin; Things to know

In the world of cryptocurrencies we often listen about so many new launches and so many coins wiped out of the market and infact few of the currencies are rising to way too much higher levels and then after a certain period started falling and over the period of time these cryptocurrencies are again rising … Read more

Mutual fund Return calculator

Mutual funds returns calculator is quite helpful for investors to achieve the required goals with given period of time with required investments. You should consider only realistic returns on investments in mutual funds. There is following data required for getting the desired output from mutual funds calculator. (a)         Amount you want to … Read more