Walmart Inc. turns you into a Millionaire

Walmart Share price

In this article, we will discuss the Multinational retail giant, which could have turned your investments into millions for an investment of only a few dollars. This company name is Walmart Inc. and this is an American company that operates a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores and discount department stores. The company has headquarters in … Read more turned $20K to $25 millions

Amazon Stock Makes your Billionare

In this article we will discuss the stock which is an ecommerce world giant and is well known by all of us. The company name is Inc. This is an American International Technology Company. Main business on which it focuses are:- Ecommerce Cloud computing Digital streaming through Prime Artificial intelligence The company was founded … Read more

TCS converted your 1 lac to 30 lacs

TCS Share price

In this article we will discuss about a stock which is market leader and continuous to do so. The Stock name is TCS limited (Tata Consultancy services limited). This is IT market leader giant with valuation at current market price is of Rs.11 lac crores. This stock was listed on 27 August 2004 at an … Read more

Types of DEMAT Accounts; Procedure of Opening DEMAT Account


DEMAT Account Varieties Depending on where an investor lives in India, following distinct types of DEMAT accounts can be opened: This Regular DEMAT Account is for Indian residents only:- To open a Repatriable DEMAT Account, a Non-Resident Indian must first have a Non-Resident Rupee Account (NRE). Transferring money internationally is a breeze with this account. … Read more

DEMAT Scams; Beware from Fraud persons

Beware of DEMAT Scams

Listen to the creator of Zerodha to learn how criminals are stealing from demat accounts. For some, becoming a market expert is the key to gaining access to the investor’s account. Once the money is in the account, they use penny stocks or illiquid options to make it appear as though the investor has lost … Read more

1 Lac to 30 crores; Eicher motors

Eicher Motors Share performance

In this article we will discuss a stock which has generated healthy returns since its listing and still going strong as in the past. Name of the stock is Eicher motors Limited. You will be highly surprised with the returns given by this stock and your mouth will remain wide open after knowing about the … Read more