This stock has turned Rs.1 lacs into Rs.6.30 crores; Titan Rs.1 lac to Rs.6.30 crores

Titan Share price

Titan Stock Performance over the period of time: In this article we are going to discuss powerful stock market is. You have learned lot about how Jhunjhunwala created his wealth from Titan share. Now let’s see how Titan has created wealth for its investors over the years. If you see at Image as below you … Read more

Understanding Debt to Equity Ratio

Debt to Equity Ratio

When gauging the company’s morale, it’s important to consider its financial health. One way to evaluate a company’s use of debt is to look at the debt-equity ratio, often known as the risk ratio or gearing leverage ratio. It’s a way to figure out how much debt and financial liabilities will reduce a company’s equity. … Read more

Asian Paints Turns Rs.1 lac investment to Rs.2.84 Crores, Dividend extra

Asian Paints Share

This stock could have turned your investments of Rs.1 lac into Rs.2.78 crores if you have invested in this stock. This stock is a paint industry giant named Asian Paints. Asian paints is headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra and company was founded by Mr. Champaklal Choksey, Mr.Chimanlal Choksi, Mr. Suryakant Dani and Mr. Arvind Vakil. The … Read more

Interesting Facts about stock Market

In India, there are two companies, which are operating our stock market i.e. NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock exchange). These provide the services for listing the stocks into their portal and trading can be done at these portals. There are so many interesting facts about Indian Stock exchange, few of them are … Read more

Upcoming scenario in Stock Market

After the Russia-Ukraine war, many things have changed and stock markets first crashed to lows within a few days when war started and thereafter in the past 2 months stock markets tried to recover from lows as growth rate is picking up all countries due to shortage of supplies from Russia. Sanctions were imposed on … Read more

Long Term Investment Strategy

  In Previous articles we discussed about Robinhood traders i.e. Intraday Traders and Short term traders. Now in this article we will discuss the long term traders. They will do the following:- Investors not traders:- Long term traders are not called traders in fact they are the investors. They usually invest in the stock market … Read more

Various Investment modes in Stock Market

Nifty 50

Various Investment modes in Stock Market Stock market always attract people for an investment opportunity. There are so many modes of investment in stock market. Few of them are listed below- Directly purchasing the stocks Investments through Mutual funds Purchasing Bonds ETFs These are best methods of investment in stock market and they are used … Read more