Bajaj Finance Turned 1 lac to 12 crores

Bajaj Finance Stock performance

Company Information- In this article we will discuss the stock naming as Bajaj Finance limited which is subsidy of Bajaj Finserv and a NBFC (Non Banking financial company) company. This company is part of Bajaj group and founder of the company is Rahul Bajaj and it was founded on 25 March 1987. This company stock … Read more

Tanla Platforms Ltd. converted 1 lacs to crores

Tanla Platforms Limited Stock Performance

Company Information:- In this article, we will discuss the penny stock which become multibagger in 8 years only. Name of the stock is Tanla Platforms limited. This company is in the business of cloud communication and is Hyderabad based company. Company founder is D. Uday Kumar Reddy. Stock performance:- Company stock was closed at Rs.4.65 … Read more

Orient Paper Stock Performance

Orient Paper Mills Stock performance

In this article, we will discuss the penny stock, which has turned your investments of a few lac into crores. The company name is Orient Paper Mills, which is part of CK Birla group. This is part of Orient paper & industries, the whole orient paper and industries also includes businesses like Portland cement and … Read more

Tesla stock performance

Tesla Inc Stock performance

In this article, we will discuss stock, which has disrupted the luxury car segment, and the future of cars is going to be decided by this company. The company name is Tesla Inc., which had disrupted the car segment with the launch of electric luxury cars. The CEO is a well-known name in the world … Read more

Coca Cola Inc. Stock with Dividend History

Coca Cola Inc. Stock performance

In this article we will discuss a multinational beverage company named Coca Cola Inc. which had turned the investors into millionaires. It is an American company and was founded in 1892. Its founder was Asa Griggs Candler. Stock Performance:- Now let’s take a look at how that stock has performed since its data is available. … Read more

Apple Inc. turns your few dollars to Millions

In this article we will discuss a smartphone manufacturing company which changed the whole world’s taste regarding smartphones. The company name is Apple Inc. The mentioned company is an American multinational company and it specializes in Consumer electronics such as smartphones and Macbook, software, and various online services. Stock Performance Apple Inc. launched price as … Read more

Walmart Inc. turns you into a Millionaire

Walmart Share price

In this article, we will discuss the Multinational retail giant, which could have turned your investments into millions for an investment of only a few dollars. This company name is Walmart Inc. and this is an American company that operates a chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores and discount department stores. The company has headquarters in … Read more turned $20K to $25 millions

Amazon Stock Makes your Billionare

In this article we will discuss the stock which is an ecommerce world giant and is well known by all of us. The company name is Inc. This is an American International Technology Company. Main business on which it focuses are:- Ecommerce Cloud computing Digital streaming through Prime Artificial intelligence The company was founded … Read more