Savings 5-10% While purchasing Groceries

Savings While Purchasing of Grocery

In this article, we will discuss how to save money while ordering groceries online vs while purchasing groceries offline. In today world especially during and after COVID-19 pandemic, numerous companies entered into online grocery shopping. Initially they offered hefty discounts and people started purchasing from these apps. Now these apps started charging customers in name … Read more

Save money on monthly mobile bills

Jio Family Plans

In previous section, we discussed how to save money by simply analyzing the different modes in IRCTC app. Where you are saving 4-5% of the total expenses. Now in this article we will discuss how to save money by opting different plans offered by various mobile operators. These savings will be noteworthy as these are … Read more

5-10% Savings on Payment modes on IRCTC App

Fare During Booking at IRCTC App

There is an old say that saving money is equivalent to earning money. So spend wisely for making your richer not the apps, which are charging additionally for providing their services. By choosing correctly and making informed decisions, you can save few bucks quite comfortably. In this article, we discuss money saving tips while making … Read more

High FII Holding In Indian Stocks

High FII Holding in Indian Stocks Foreign Institutional investors play an important role in financial markets. FIIs are institutional investors, such as mutual funds, pension funds, and asset management companies, from outside India who invest in the Indian stock market. Their holding in a particular share affects its prices considerably. FII are regulated through the … Read more

Penny Stocks with Constant Dividend Payout from last 10 years

Penny Stocks with Dividend Payout

There is always human tendency to be lured into the stocks, which are penny in terms of both stock price as well as the market cap of stocks. These stocks are also known as micro-cap stocks these are shares of small companies that trade at relatively low prices. There is always attraction of every investor … Read more

Coffee Day Stock Way Ahead; Analysis of Coffee Day Stock

Coffee day stock fall from rise then stabilizing

Coffee Day Stock; is it worth investing in this share? In this article we will discuss about the fundamentals of the company only, based upon which you can make your decision regarding the Investment in Coffee day stock. There is story behind the rise and fall of this company. VG Siddhartha founded the company in … Read more

Future of Dairy Farming in India and Related Stocks

Dairy Industry India

India offers a bright future to dairy farming. India is world largest producer of Milk. There are so many factors contributing to the dairy farming sector in India:   Growing Demand: India has huge growth demand considering large population and due to which demand of dairy products is on rise. There is huge demand for … Read more

Mutual Funds Vs Individual Stocks Investments

How to Increase Your Income

कोई स्टॉक के ऊपर म्यूचुअल फंड क्यों चुनेगा? म्युचुअल फंड अक्सर सुरक्षित और कम जटिल होते हैं निवेश जटिल और भारी हो सकता है। स्टॉक, बॉन्ड, रियल एस्टेट और मनी मार्केट अकाउंट सहित कई अलग-अलग निवेश विकल्प हैं। यदि आप स्वयं निवेश करते हैं, तो यह आप पर निर्भर है कि आप अपने निवेशों को … Read more

ETF Vs Mutual Funds

Generating Passive Income from Mutual funds

ईटीएफ बनाम म्यूचुअल फंड वे समान हैं – लेकिन वे कुछ बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण तरीकों से भिन्न हैं। हम आपको तुलना करने में मदद करेंगे। ईटीएफ और म्यूचुअल फंड एक जैसे कैसे हैं? समान संरचना सबसे बड़ी समानता: दोनों व्यक्तिगत प्रतिभूतियों के प्रबंधित “टोकरी” या “पूल” का प्रतिनिधित्व करते हैं, उदाहरण के लिए स्टॉक या … Read more

Gold Mutual Funds Vs Gold ETFs

Gold MF Vs Gold ETFs

गोल्ड फंड बनाम गोल्ड ईटीएफ: भारतीयों का हमेशा से सोने से गहरा लगाव रहा है। हाल के दशकों में सोने की भावनात्मक कीमत बढ़ी है, और बुद्धिमान निवेशक जानते हैं कि यह मुद्रास्फीति और शेयरों के खिलाफ एक शानदार बचाव है। संपत्ति में विविधता लाने के लिए सोने में निवेश कोई नई बात नहीं है। … Read more